"58th Street Sewer Replacement"
58th Street Connecting Sewer Rehabilitation (BH-101)

HRSD is undertaking a project to replace gravity sanitary sewer along 58th street from Warwick Boulevard to Jefferson Avenue in Newport News.  The project will include the installation of new 18” PVC pipe, 36” steel casing pipe and manhole installations as well as lateral reconnections and rehabilitation of existing gravity sewer by Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) methods.  A combination of open cut installation and Pilot Tube Microtunneling will be used to install the new gravity sewer. See the Frequently Asked Questions attachment for more information about the project, and the Project Map for specific areas that will be affected during construction.

Most Recent Update
February 3, 2016 – The redesign has been completed and is currently being formulated into an agreement with CSX. Negotiations will begin with the Contractor. A small amount of CCTV work will be occurring on Warwick Boulevard to prepare for resumption of the project. This is expected to last only 1-2 days.

Roads Affected
Warwick Boulevard and 58th Street will have temporary traffic control installed for CCTV work. This work does not require any excavation and is anticipated to last only 1-2 days.

Key Dates
Construction:                                Summer 2013 - To Be Determined

Estimated Project Cost                 $1,594,411

Project Partners
Engineering Consultant:                Whitman, Requardt and Associates, LLP, Virginia Beach, VA

Contractor:                                    MEB General Contractors, Inc., Chesapeake, VA __________________________________________________________________________________________________

HRSD Chief of Communications:    Nancy Munnikhuysen
                                                      757.460.7056 (Office)
                                                      757.642.1321 (Cell)

HRSD Project Manager:                 Matt Poe, E.I.T.
                                                      757.234.7449 (Office)
                                                      757.353.0990 (Cell)

Engineering Consultant:                Curt Nordeman, P.E.
                                                      757.599.5101 (Office)

City of Newport News:                  Naymond Sunkins
                                                      757.269.2481 (Office) __________________________________________________________________________________________________

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